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1 A.Mascitti, T.Cucinotta, M.Marinoni, An adaptive, utilization-based approach to schedule real-time tasks for ARM big-LITTLE architectures, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Embedded Operating Systems (EWILI 2019), New York (USA), 2019 (To appear)

ARM big.LITTLE architectures are spreading more and more in the mobile world thanks to their power-saving capabilities due to the use of two ISA-compatible islands, one focusing on energy efficiency and the other one on computational power. This architecture makes the problem of energy-aware task scheduling particularly challenging, due to the number of variables to take into account and the need for having lightweight mechanisms that can be readily computed in an operating system kernel scheduler. This paper presents a novel task scheduler for big.LITTLE platforms, combining the well-known Constant Bandwidth Server algorithm with a power-aware per-job migration policy. This achieves real-time adaptation of the CPU islands\' frequencies based on the individual cores' overall utilization, as available in the scheduler thanks to the use of the resource reservation paradigm. Preliminary results obtained by simulations based on modifications to the open-source RTSim tool show that the proposed technique is able to achieve interesting performance/energy trade-offs.
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