The Project

For the course about Embedded Systems (Prof. Luigi Pomante) I opted for a project for the Intel Edison board. It is a quite powerful board and you can program with standard C and C++. I decided to create a Morse recognizer. The board is connected to some sensors. One presses a button and, by mimicking a Morse operator, inserts a sequence of dots and lines to make characters. The board, in turn, recognizes the letters and it sends them to a server, written in Java. The server makes Text to Speech with the string. Moreover, the final string is displayed on a Grove LCD, connected to the Intel Edison. The following image (Figure 2) represents what you can do with the code.

Image that shows the testing phase of the project
Figure 2: testing phase of the projec

Notice that, because it is written in standard C, it can be deployed wherever C is supported. Moreover, it is a good example on how to make a board interact with the Internet. The code, of course, is open source and thus everybody can take, modify and reuse it.

To develop the code, using some UML (in particular, a State Chart diagram) was essential. It is reported within the in the GitHub page that you find below.

Thank you for reading!